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15 Young Firms to Watch: Altius Architecture, Toronto

  15 young firms to watch: altius architecture, toronto
The American Institute of Architects thinks Altius Architecture is at the top of their game.
“We started more as designers/builders than anything else, in order to get our foot in the door. We did additions, renovations, anything we could do to get some experience.” “Doing construction management has set

If you don’t already know about us, you should.

10 Architects from Toronto You Should Know About
Posted by edwinlara on May 15, 2012 | No Comments
“We believe that the best buildings are achieved when architects, engineers, consultants, constructors and clients come together to achieve something greater than the sum of their individual parts. ” – Altius.
Gallery House is a commercial gallery space that spans 1200 square feet and …

Architectural Beauty In An Accessible Home

Written by Sheryl Steinberg The Globe and Mail
The Toilevator. In hindsight, the name of the electric toilet riser should have raised a red flag for Geoff and Melissa Teehan and their newly…
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Going Green Can Help More Than Just Your Conscience

In the world of architecture, building ‘Green’ has become the corner stone of the industry.
But with higher upfront costs and longer paybacks what are the real motivations for building owners to
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Altius Featured on OMNI TV

Tune in to OMNI.2, this Sunday February 12th at 8am and on Monday at 9am, for the feature on Altius’ exhibition at the Harbourfront Centre. Interviewed on  Aaram, Zak Fish, shares…
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Toronto Harbourfront Centre
Architecture Exhibitions Winter 2012
January 28 – July 8, 2012 What is big enough? There is no answer to this question simply because of the conflux of choice,…
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Toronto Harbourfront Centre Opens Winter Exhibition

This past weekend the Toronto Harbourfront Centre opened its Winter 2012 Exhibition Series.  Opening Night was a Blowout with Michelle Bellemare’s installation dancing along with party guests. Set beside the entrance to…
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BIG ENOUGH? Exhibition Opening at the Toronto Harbourfront Centre

How much space do we need to live in the city?
Opening this Friday Altius is proud to be participating in the Toronto Harbourfront Centre’s Winter Exhibitions 2012. The event includes eight…
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