Design Representation


At Altius we’re continually exploring new methods of communicating custom design ideas with you. We use 3D object based software from the beginning of a project. This allows us to show you what sort of spacial relationships and perceptions your project can have and make revisions based on your preferences as the project develops. Relationships and aesthetics such as your property, building shapes, material textures and lighting concepts become easily comprehensible as we push to help you envision the unique qualities of your project.


Going another step further, current software allows us to export your design so you can explore your 3D modeled project in the comfort of your own home with little software experience or installations. The new BIMx Viewer allows you to virtually walk around the interior and exterior of your project in detail.

See link below for a demonstration of this software.

We look forward to showing you how creative, thorough and adaptable we can be for your next project!