Arkell Lofts



This exciting new development off of a main avenue in Guelph, Ontario, will offer 32 new residences on a 1.8 acre parcel of land that formerly held a single-family home. The design was commissioned by the award-winning builder Granite Homes, who wanted to offer contemporary, luxurious, and affordable multi-unit living. The mid-rise development will offerurban-style living in a rapidly developing area, while still offering essentials like ample parking, private outdoor living spaces, and landscaped open-space. Single-storey bungalow units and stacked two-storey lofts both hold three bedrooms, with generous balconies, patios and open-concept living spaces. Expansive windows and glazed doors allow natural light to penetrate the spaces from all sides, and are sheltered by a deep roof overhang, balconies, and projected upper floors. The buildings along Arkell Road fan out in plan to allow sunlight to penetrate the pedestrian walkways and planted spaces between, and create a distinctive street-scape. The unconventional building forms also offer a variety of floor plan layouts and views from the interior. Two-storey bridge connections joining the upper portions of adjacent buildings create unique room layouts – a generous kitchen hangs over the void on the second floor and a bedroom takes advantage of the multi-directional vistas above. The client wanted to create a project that was exciting and aesthetically interesting since it sits at a gateway location to the downtown, while at the same time being totally liveable. The result is a richly layered and thoughtfully developed group of residences that offer an unique architectonic vision for the growing city.







Altius Project Team Architecture

  • Architecture: Graham Smith
  • Danya Sturgess
  • Michael Velickovic