Armadale Ave. Addition

Clean and Green

With the heart of the existing building now renovated, a new 1-storey kitchen/sitting room addition extends the interior spaces into the back garden. Between the dining room and kitchen is the old exterior wall, which now serves as a threshold as one moves through the house. The sequence of spaces takes the residents from a enclosed center of the home, to a light-filled east facing kitchen and sun deck. The green roof on top of the single story addition provides thermal efficiency below, while beautifying views from the second storey windows.

Sustainability Features

  • Passive Solar Heating
  • Natural Ventilation and Passive Cooling
  • Natural Daylighting
  • High Performance Envelope Design
  • Renewable Materials and Finishes
  • Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) and Non-toxic Materials and Finishes
  • Radiant Heating
  • Low Energy Lighting & Appliances
  • Water Conserving Appliances & Fixtures
  • Green Roofs

Altius Project Team Architecture

  • Cathy Garrido
  • Joseph Khoury

Project Partners

  • Engineering: Hamann Engineering