Clearview Residence – Coach House


Designed for a local artist, the modest building acts as gate house to the primary residence located within the property just south of Collingwood.  A broad selection of sustainable technologies, including a geothermal lake loop, set this project apart from others in the area.

The building itself draws inspiration from a number of intimate relationships and views, both through the adjacent woodland, down towards the winding creek, as well as across the nearby pond, which itself separates the coach house from the main house which is located to the south. As well, its orientation maximizes privacy relative to the driveway which sweeps by its side.

With the main house being located to the south of the coach house across a pond and through the trees, there is a distinct relationship between the two buildings which is unavoidable, and in fact very intentional. As a consequence of this, it seemed appropriate that there should be continuity between the two both from a massing standpoint as well as from a materialis standpoint. Thus, the coach house will embrace the Corten Steel, Pre-finished Cape Cod Wood Siding, as well as IPE decking that has been used on the main house.


Sustainability Features

  • Program and Spatial Optimization
  • Integration with the ‘Natural Assets’ of your Site and Terrain
  • Site Specific View and Vista Optimization
  • Passive Solar Heating
  • Natural Ventilation and Passive Cooling
  • Natural Daylighting
  • High Performance Envelope Design
  • Material Optimization and Modular Design
  • Renewable Materials and Finishes
  • Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) and Non-toxic Materials and Finishes
  • Advanced Geothermal Systems
  • Radiant Heating
  • Heat Recovery Ventilation
  • Low Energy Lighting & Appliances
  • Water Conserving Appliances & Fixtures

A whole host of other green strategies will be incorporated, including a low-impact horizontal lake loop geothermal heating system, deliberate solar orientation, low-flow plumbing fixtures, and locally sourced building materials.

Altius Project Team Architecture

  • Architecture: Graham Smith

Project Partners

  • Construction: Valley View Construction
  • Engineering: Cucco Engineering
  • Landscape Design: John Lloyd & Associates