Everett Residence


Designed for a large family to enjoy on weekends out of the city, this residence is located just south of Everett, an hour north of Toronto.  The scheme is comprised of an existing 1970’s house which itself embraces certain sustainable technologies from years past, and a newly proposed addition which houses a pool and living space.

A broad selection of green technologies, including an evacuated tube solar shading device to the south facade, have been incorporated into the newly proposed addition which help to set this project apart from others in the area. The addition which has been stitched neatly onto the east side of the existing building incorporates a 60ft long pool, small bar area and additional living space, each of which draw inspiration from a number of intimate relationships and views, both through the adjacent woodland to the east, as well as across the nearby pond to the south.


The design team were particularly aware of the need to integrate the new addition in a meaningful manner with the existing house, and thus material choice was critical where new met with old. The use of corten steel and pre-finished wood siding seemed an appropriate way to bridge the gap. The soft tones of a wood siding tie in perfectly with the wood cladding on the existing house, and over time, the intense brown and orange colouration of the corten steel will help to not only blend well with the wood products, but also allow the building to recede nicely into the surrounding tree canopies.

Sustainability Features


  • Program and Spatial Optimization
  • Integration with the ‘Natural Assets’ of your Site and Terrain
  • Site Specific View and Vista Optimization
  • Passive Solar Heating
  • Natural Ventilation and Passive Cooling
  • Natural Daylighting
  • High Performance Envelope Design
  • Material Optimization and Modular Design
  • Renewable Materials and Finishes
  • Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) and Non-toxic Materials and Finishes
  • Advanced Geothermal Systems
  • Radiant Heating
  • Heat Recovery Ventilation
  • Low Energy Lighting & Appliances
  • Water Conserving Appliances & Fixtures

A whole host of other green strategies will be incorporated, including evacuated tubes, a grey water recycling system, deliberate solar orientation, low-flow plumbing fixtures, and local materials.

Altius Project Team Architecture

  • Graham Smith

Project Partners

  • Engineering: Hamann Engineering