Farren Lake Cottage



Situated on Farren Lake, this seasonal cottage replaced a deteriorating frame building that no longer met the needs of the client. The building is sited to reuse the area previously occupied by the old cottage to continue providing stunning views over the lake.


The open-concept living room is glazed on 3 sides allowing abundant natural light and uninterrupted views out over the lake. Wooden slats provide the living room with solar shading during the summer months and large sliding doors dissolve the barrier between inside and out. The rear block houses the bedrooms and loft space. The high level windows over the loft provide stack ventilation and flood the bedrooms with natural light.

Sustainability Features

  • Site Specific View and Vista Optimization
  • Natural Ventilation and Passive Cooling
  • Natural Daylighting
  • Renewable and/or Recyclable Materials and Finishes
  • Low Energy Lighting & Appliances (LED, CFL lighting and Energy Star appliances)

Altius Project Team Architecture

  • Graham Smith
  • Michael Nettleship
  • Michael Velickovic

Project Partners

  • Engineering: Hamann Engineering