Holiday Films Production Offices


Holiday Films Production Studio is a 2700 sq ft. commercial office and production studio space situated on the north east corner of King Street West and John Street in Toronto.  Built in 1903, the Eclipse Whitewear Building, four-storey factory is listed as a Toronto Heritage property owned and operated by Ed Mirvish Enterprises.




The production studio enjoys an intimate relationship with the vibrant street and passers by, as the street landscape becomes a running movie scene visible from all angles.  The intent was to provide our client with a sophisticated open office environment while maintaining a playful aspect.


The scope of work included renovation to the existing structure while preserving the historical integrity.  We combined two existing office spaces into one open concept production studio with four private offices, one large boardroom, directors lounge, espresso bar, kitchen and reception lounge.  The result is an inviting contemporary space circled around a surreal boardroom enclosed by milk glass juxtaposed by a brick arcade of window openings. The aesthetic is simple, clean and functional. A flexible workspace that supports the changing needs of the knowledge worker.



Exposed concrete, douglas fir, brick, milk glass, white lacqured cabinetry, walnut millwork, hot rolled steel, aluminum, carpet tile and acoustic panels.

Altius Project Team Architecture

  • Interior Design: Cathy Garrido
  • Interior Design: Michele Bertussi
  • Photography: Altius Architecture and Emily Nieves