Lake Vernon Prefab Cottage

On the edge of Lake Vernon, this site has limited access and makes it a prime candidate to employ Altius’ sister company Altius PreFab Inc ( with custom solutions as well as standard models. These manufactured modern prefab ┬áhomes are built in a factory, maximizing quality of workmanship, minimizing customer’s lead time, and eliminating construction crews having to ship materials and build onsite. The prefab modules arrive onsite ready to be placed on foundations and hooked up to municipal services.

This Duo 24×36 unit configuration is an upgraded standard model offered by Altius. Including a master suite, additional bedroom and loft space making a 2.5 bedroom cottage with a full bathroom, living room, kitchen and screened porch. The bedrooms are separated by the kitchen and living room, with the screened porch accessible from the living room.

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Altius Project Team Architecture

  • Architecture: Graham Smith
  • Architecture: Logan Amos