Sandspit Island Prefab Cottage

Located within Lake Muskoka, Sandspit Island is literally a small sand bank, privately owned and with no other option but to maintain a close connection with the water, including the occasional flooding. All this makes the island a prime candidate to employ Altius’ sister company Altius PreFab Inc ( with custom solutions as well as standard models. These manufactured modern prefab homes are built in a factory, maximizing quality of workmanship, minimizing customer’s lead time, and eliminating construction crews having to ship materials and build onsite. The modules arrive onsite ready to be placed on foundations and hooked up to municipal services.

This complex of custom units consists of a Master bedroom and ensuite unit and a 3 bedroom unit, both connected with a double unit of main living quarters: kitchen, dining and living room. The complex forms a courtyard sun deck, centered around an old masonry chimney from the existing cottage.

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Altius Project Team Architecture

  • Architecture: Graham Smith
  • Architecture: Logan Amos