This was a comprehensive renovation of a century old Richardsonian Romanesque home that aimed to retain the homes’ historic exterior while creating a modern five bedroom home within.  The clients wanted a home that reflected their contemporary lifestyle and taste while maintaining the prominent distinct heritage features while also complying with South Rosedale’s Heritage Conservation District guidelines.  The result is a home that maintains its strong historic character while not adhering to an outdated traditional floor plan.


The masonry shell of the original home was retained and restored but otherwise this is essentially a new home created from the inside out.  A high performance building envelope and hybrid mechanical system, featuring a combination of hydronic in-floor heating and separately zoned air handling units. These modernizations have resulted in a decrease of energy consumption in excess of 50%, while also increasing the occupants’ health and comfort home through improved air quality.

An open concept plan combined with large expanses of insulating glass create living spaces that are atypical of homes in South Rosedale.  The completed project offers the owners the opportunity to live in a historically protected neighbourhood yet with the conveniences of a thoroughly modern home.