Vyner Ravine Residence

Warm and modern

Situated on a ravine in downtown Toronto, the client’s existing bungalow with walk-out basement afforded beautiful views and ample space, but was in disrepair and under-performing in respect to energy flows. The client’s desire for a warm but contemporary update to their bathrooms and kitchen ultimately extended into their indoor and outdoor living spaces, resulting in a comprehensive and holistic renovation. Insulating the exterior walls and replacing the windows dramatically improved the thermal performance and air-tightness of the building.┬áThe addition of 3 skylights and 2 sun tunnels flooded the large floor plate with ample day lighting, offset with energy efficient lighting at night.

Replacing an interior wall with an exposed Douglas Fir beam opened the kitchen to the living spaces and allowed light and views to filter through. Natural materials such as slate counters, maple cabinetry and cherry floors enhanced the interior while new douglas fir soffits and lighting lent warmth to the exterior living spaces.

Proposed Ground Floor

Vyner Ravine Residence Ground Floor Proposed

Existing Ground Floor

Vyner Ravine Residence Ground Floor Existing


Altius Project Team Architecture

  • Cathy Garrido

Project Partners

  • Engineering: CUCCO engineering + design - Toronto
  • Lewitt Construction


  • Ihor Pona