Month: October 2019

Cathy Garrido partner at Altius Architecture

“BOND Custom Top 100 List and Conference”

2019-10-17 in Announcements, Awards
Graham Smith and I, joint principals at Altius, recently had the pleasure of attending BOND Custom once again. BOND Custom is a forum created to help facilitate collaboration between Principal Architects and designers of high-end luxury home designers and suppliers of products used in those homes...

Altius Featured on e-architect

2019-10-15 in Awards, Publications
Located on one of Toronto’s most beloved nature pockets, this Swansea renovation takes full advantage of a backyard on Grenadier Pond in High Park. Built on the forested hills that slope down to the west side of the pond, it has a very low profile from the street, but expands to a full three storeys at the rear...

Altius Featured in Muskoka Life Magazine

2019-10-15 in Announcements, Publications
Built on a property full of family history and remnants of Muskoka’s logging past, this contemporary cottage was designed with lots of room for kids, grandkids, relatives, dogs... and everyone’s friends.

Altius Featured on e-architect

2019-10-11 in Announcements, Publications
Situated on the original Chandos Estates property, the Chandos Lake Cottage replaced an old single storey cottage that was hidden from view by a large perimeter hedge.

Altius Featured on HomeWorldDesign

2019-10-10 in Announcements, Publications
Situated on a heavily treed, west facing property on Chandos Lake, this year-round home replaced the family’s 1950’s cottage...

Altius Featured in Reno & Decor

2019-10-08 in Uncategorized
Renovations are a fact of life for many GTA residents, including this family of five and their post-war compartmentalized home. The difference was their backyard and pool. Their existing three-bedroom home had a 1980s coffin-shaped pool backing onto a cemetery, which became a fun family joke...