A Master’s in Modern Craftsmanship


The three founders of Altius expanded on the need for a master builder in the building process while studying architecture at the University of Waterloo. Recognizing the lack of firms embracing architectural practice as they envisioned it, Cathy Garrido, Graham Smith and Trevor McIvor established Altius Design Studio in 1998 with a collective vision that strives to reestablish the tradition of the architect as the central figure in the process of design/build.

“Altius believes that, without this level of involvement, it would be an insurmountable challenge to create building that are sustainable, livable, contextual, economical and beautiful,” Dominika Linowska, an interning architect at the company, says. “Altius’ custom residential and cottage projects are known for their sensitivity to site, thoughtful interiors and innovative sustainable design…”