Cottage Life

Cottage Life

2014-05-23 in Publications
North Builders

A Master’s in Modern Craftsmanship

2014-04-23 in Publications
The three founders of Altius expanded on the need for a master builder in the building process while studying architecture at the University of Waterloo. Recognizing the lack of firms embracing architectural practice as they envisioned it, Cathy Garrido, Graham Smith and Trevor McIvor established Altius Design Studio in 1998 with...
Architecture Durable

Intégration dans la rue

2014-02-19 in Publications
La rénovation a été envisagée mais la reconstruction était le moyen le plus efficace pour atteindre les objectifs du projet. Les clients ont cherché à créer des espaces éclairés et ouverts. Altius Architecture, Toronto (Canada) : Nous avons conçu cette maison pout apporter la lumière naturelle au maximum vers le bas à travers...

Ontario Wood WORKS! Awards 2013

2013-11-27 in Awards
REGIONAL MATERIALS - Natural materials and locally sourced products such as granite, heavy timber, cedar shingles and wood siding allows the structure to appear like it had grown out of, and belongs to the forest and rock that it hovers over. LIGHT AND AIR - The program was refined to optimize the transition of materiality at the...
Modern Home Builder

Altius Architecture

2013-10-17 in Publications
Toronto’s Altius Architecture doesn’t think like other firms. While some firms seek out attention for the showiness of their exterior designs, Altius believes in designs with a purpose. “We don’t do design for design’s sake,” Principal Graham Smith explains. “We’re not doing these buildings that are more sculptures than buildings.” Altius...
Design Lines Magazine

Design Lines

2013-02-19 in Publications

Pine Lake Cottage

2013-02-15 in Publications
The Pine Lake Cottage emphasizes affordability with an eye for efficiency. Emerging from the tear down of the previous residence, this cottage was built entirely on the preexisting foundation. In addition to being a cost effective solution this strategy also minimized the buildings impact on the surrounding natural environment. Investing...

Business World Magazine sits down with Altius

2013-01-25 in Publications
Ideas on architecture were once espoused within an esteemed philosophical discourse between Friedrich Schiller and Johann Von Goethe. Upon considering that described as “the tone of mind” and effect produced by quality architecture, the two reportedly agreed that architects are essentially something more provocative than mere...

The Office Idea Book — Creative Solutions that Work

2012-11-09 in Publications
Judy Shepard from RSD Publishing features recently completed interiors of the Holiday Films Production Studio, to showcase Altius’ commercial projects in the downtown Toronto core. The project was chosen for its creative solutions to the commercial work environments to inspire other designers and business...

Claremont Residence

2012-10-03 in Publications
This home is sited on an amazing property that offered both the intimacy of a classic English landscape as well as expansive panoramic views over rolling, rural fields towards Lake Ontario. The goal of the design was to embrace the immediate intimacy of the site while revealing, through the architecture, the extensive views offered...