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Altius Featured in the Toronto Star

2018-09-08 in Announcements, Publications
This contemporary, luxury home is built into a ravine and steps away from High Park and Grenadier Pond.“When I first purchased this home over three years ago, I was determined to take advantage of the incredible and unique waterfront lot. The intended design I envisioned was to create views of the pond and park...
Altius Architecture in Globe and Mail home of the week for Swansea project luxury home Toronto

Altius Featured in the Globe and Mail

2018-07-27 in Announcements, Publications
A handful of Swansea residents can claim a slice of this natural preserve as their backyard. The house at 25 Ellis Park Rd. is one of a few built on the wooded hills that slope down to the western shore of the pond...

Altius Featured in National Post

2018-06-16 in Announcements, Publications
The owner of this sleek contemporary home, docked on a high-profile Lower Beach corner, acknowledges his house caused quite a stir almost from the moment it started going up. “We often see people looking up at it as they go by on their way down to the beach,” he laughs...
Touch of Modern

Altius Featured in Designlines Magazine

2018-05-17 in Publications
Two years ago, the owners of a production company specializing in PVR-worthy interior make-over shows approached Altius Architects. The couple – who have a young son and a cranky Siamese cat – had purchased a dilapidated duplex on a small dark lot (just nine-metres-wide) in Roncesvalles, but they wanted “bright...
Altius Architecture at doors open on Canadian Interiors

Altius Featured in Canadian Interiors Magazine

2018-05-14 in Publications
The 19th annual Doors Open Toronto — presented by Great Gulf — provides an opportunity to see inside more than 130 of the most architecturally, historically, culturally and socially significant buildings across the city...
Altius Architecture at doors open Toronto on Urban Toronto

Altius Featured on

2018-05-10 in Publications
Last week, we introduced the annual Doors Open event presented by Great Gulf and announced the theme for this years event to be held on May 26th and May 27th. Providing an opportunity to see inside the most significant buildings across the city...
Altius Architecture in Globe and Mail for architecture of house

Altius Featured in the Globe and Mail: “Devil in the Details”

2018-05-02 in Publications
Granted, if perfection is defined as a state of being without a flaw or defect, than that goal is arguably unattainable. Of course, that hasn't stopped us from trying…

Altius Featured in the Globe and Mail: “Building Modern, Smarter, Smaller”

2018-04-28 in Publications
As a designer by trade, I've spent most of my career thinking about aesthetics in one way or another. I've come to respect the challenges inherent in finding harmony between function and form...
Altius Architecture in Globe and Mail for home design

Altius Featured in the Globe and Mail: “Stung! By The Building Bug”

2018-04-27 in Publications
I've always loved architecture. The idea of building a structure that was both functional yet beautiful has always been appealing to me. However, I can't say I ever had a meaningful appreciation for the realities that come with such a project...
Altius Architecture featured in Globe and Mail Toronto for modern home

Altius Featured in the Globe and Mail: “A 1960s Home, Remade to Work in 2008”

2018-04-27 in Publications
The new homeowner whips out his iPhone. With just fingertips, this modern-day George Jetson slides, pulls and magnifies conceptual drawings of the unfinished living/dining area in which we're standing...