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Cathy attends ROMA XL

2020-01-30 in Uncategorized
In the fall of 2019, Cathy Garrido, Principal at Altius attended the 40 year anniversary of the University of Waterloo’s School of Architecture study abroad program to Rome.  It brought 200 alumni and their families together to celebrate, and revisit the great City of Rome.    The trip included dinners, and networking events and various […]

Altius Featured in Reno & Decor

2019-10-08 in Uncategorized
Renovations are a fact of life for many GTA residents, including this family of five and their post-war compartmentalized home. The difference was their backyard and pool. Their existing three-bedroom home had a 1980s coffin-shaped pool backing onto a cemetery, which became a fun family joke...

If you don’t already know about us, you should

2012-08-15 in Publications, Uncategorized
Gallery House is a commercial gallery space that spans 1200 square feet and is devoted to the work of senior artists. The space is loaded with water conserving fixtures and numerous low energy appliances, making it environmentally friendly. Gallery House is situated at Dundas Street West and Morrow Avenue in Toronto...

Defining Space in the City

2012-02-02 in Uncategorized
Living in Toronto, or any city is defined by walls and windows, neighborhoods and buildings, property lines and zoning by-laws, streets and sidewalks. These are generally static conditions and yet through our inhabitation of and interaction with public and private space, boundaries are manipulated and personal living space...