Dwelling on the miniHome


Just last week, Altius’ sister company Sustain Design Studios journeyed down to California for the annual Dwell on Design show in Los Angeles. This year, we were proud to introduce the first finished Cali Solo model, a pre-fabricated, environmentally friendly and contemporary modular home.


The Cali Solo miniHome was designed by Sustain Design Studios and build by HMK Prefab Homes to supply the Western US market with an eco-friendly, modular home mounted on a steel chassis, offering customers the convenience of a turnkey housing solution. The design incorporates the best modern energy efficiency features, coupled with cutting-edge contemporary design.

Sustain Design Studios has perfected the Cali Solo miniHome, production has already begun and orders are now being taken for a variety of different models. This year’s Dwell on Design show was a roaring success.  Attendance this year was up by 30%, surpassing the 27,000 attendee mark.  Dwell is the largest modern design event in North America and Sustain Studios was received extremely well by an emerging consumer market now focused keenly on the benefits prefab housing offers in efficiency in terms of energy consumption and cost.  This new line of homes allows customers to avoid the plethora of headaches associated with new home construction.


By contacting one of our partners in California, or the main offices in Toronto, customers can custom order one of the miniHome models to perfectly suit their specific needs. The base models all feature exceptional build quality including the use of renewable building materials free of VOCs (volatile organic compounds), all finishings and fixtures, high performance window and door assemblies, passive ventilation, and require only water, electricity and sewage hook-ups on site to be ready for occupation.


These models are designed to be implemented either off-grid, with optional renewable energy systems available from the factory, or on any other site prepped with either a slab on grade or concrete piles. Our team will deliver and hook up each unit in a fraction of the time and cost required to construct a similar sized home on site. This also aids in reducing amounts of construction waste and the transportation of materials, as well as lowering your carbon footprint both at the time of purchase and for the duration of its useful life. It has never been easier to have an architect designed home without the time and cost usually associated with it.

Visit Sustain Design Studios for more info on the full product line, as well as for sales inquiries.