Gallery House

Toronto, Canada

Gallery House is a commercial gallery space that spans 1200 square feet and is devoted to the work of senior artists. Creating a “home base” for artists to present their bodies of work, the gallery is situated at Dundas Street West and Morrow Avenue in Toronto. In this well known, one stop enclave, Gallery House is surrounded by some of Toronto’s most respected galleries.

Toronto privately run art gallery in Dundas West area
Open concept Toronto living space with dining table and bar seating

The gallery enjoys an intimate relationship between the street front and passers by, as well as providing a functional platform to view artistic works. The intent was to provide our client with a full living space over top of the gallery as they sought to integrate themselves on a full time basis within their new neighbourhood.

Bathroom with live edge wood countertop, and ornamental porcelain basin sink
Toronto private gallery and residence, with curtain wall and vertical strip lighting

Priority was placed on depicting the diagram of the spaces within on the exterior facade, as it was of key importance being the only fully exposed facade; thus we were mindful that the living accommodation which was to be more private should be situated up and away from street level with heavier massing, while more open and inviting public areas would be exposed at the lower level; a band of vertical circulation to the side expresses the link between the two.

Toronto open living space with dining room and living room space with abundant natural lighting

The ability to re-design the entire interior also enabled us to maximize natural daylighting to key areas, along with increasing passive solar gains. The incorporation of a number of water conserving fixtures and the inclusion of numerous low energy appliances have collectively added to the sustainable edge of this project.

Whilst being cognizant of the functionality of the spaces, the building has also benefited from great investment in areas that help the building function from an environmental standpoint. By introducing insulation to all external walls within the existing envelope, we were able to utilize the increased thermal mass to stabilize both indoor temperatures as well as air humidity, and in turn reduce all heating and cooling loads.

Toronto gallery space with custom wood table and stone tile flooring