We don’t just dabble in design. It has been the primary focus at Altius for over 20 years. Altius has completed over 450 projects—and counting. That experience translates into huge value for our clients.

We learn something on every project and each successive project benefits from the knowledge gained on all of the previous projects. From the first time we meet until you move into your new space, we take responsibility for every aspect of your project.

Our rigorous process keeps projects on track and helps to ensure you know what to expect each step of the way, but most importantly, we listen carefully to you so that we are sure your needs are met in every aspect of your project. We offer a full spectrum of specialized services, and have a staff of experienced professionals, to make sure your project moves quickly and smoothly into being—the way you imagined it.

We offer a full range of services to assist you in realizing your goals seamlessly during your project.


If you are unsure of which property to buy or what you need to know to build a new home or cottage, or if you are looking for the perfect space for your new business, Altius provides consulting services to help you plan your project properly and make the right decisions. We have over 20 years experience making projects happen, and happen right.


From information gathering in the initial stages, to design approvals, and from designing the perfect building envelope, to ensuring its proper execution during construction, we offer a complete package customized to your project. We have experienced architects on staff who specialize in a range of project types and services, and can ensure your project turns out the way you need it to.


If you’re in need of a marketing package to sell your new condos to your customers, or need to plan out the feasibility of a development project, we can create that package for you. From renderings, to illustrated floor plans, 3D animations and walk-throughs, we can put together anything you need.


Working with a local, experienced landscape architects to ensure your plants are perfect for your exact site, we design all of the hard landscaping around your building to be consistent with the design of your home. This includes driveways, patios, decks, swimming pools and outdoor kitchens and bbq areas—whatever you need for the perfect outdoor experience, however you may define it.


Creating spaces with a consistent design principle and aesthetic throughout involves considering every detail, fit, fixture and finish to ensure your project turns out right. We will also assist you to choose the perfect furnishings to finish your space. We are registered interior designers as well as architects—our interiors win awards. So if that’s what you’re looking for, look no further.

We work in a variety of project types, whether your setting is rural or urban, large or small.


Great urban homes start with some inspired dreams and plans, and then move smoothly down a path between the constrictions of space, budget, regulations, to make your dream a reality. We make the path smooth using our 20 years of experience—we know what we’re doing. We listen carefully but ask many questions. We offer you choices and options. We make sure your project fits within your budget—whatever that budget may be. Our end goal is always to ensure you get what you want, while working within the constraints of your project. And finally, we ensure your home is executed with style.

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In the country, our homes are all about connecting to the outdoors. Our vacation homes are sensitive to views, sunlight, surrounding vegetation, and cheerful outdoor activity. We want to jump start your relaxation. We ensure each carefully chosen and beautiful site gets a carefully executed and beautiful home to match. We love designing homes in a wide variety of outdoor settings.

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No matter the size of your residential project, we design a space to fit your needs. We will help you with municipal approvals, steer you through regulations, and carefully design you a financially and aesthetically successful project. Whether you need a show room, renderings, sales packages or simply help with the initial stages of your project, we have the experience to take you from start to finish.

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If you have a specialty project which you need help with, we work on offices, churches, restaurants, medical clinics, art galleries, retail outlets, daycares, and factories. Whatever your needs are, we will help you create the prefect space for your business. The Altius integrated service model works to help you create the space you need for your business. We’re inspired by function. We have a considerable track record of making sure you love where you work. Here at Altius we understand that a well-design workspace improves productivity and employee job satisfaction—and makes your business stronger.

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Realize the incredible energy savings of a passive house certified home, multi-unit dwelling or commercial project with one of our team members. You could save up to 90% on energy bills, with appropriate windows, good insulation, and quality construction. We can increase your comfort with fine-tuned control over indoor air quality and temperature, and reduce your building’s annual carbon emissions to virtually zero.

We offer a range of sustainability options, and are happy to help you choose the one that’s right for your project.


Work with one of our LEED certified professionals to bring your commercial project to a new level in terms of energy savings, green house gas reduction, and reducing landfill waste. LEED is a rating system for building green, with points for healthier indoor environment, daylighting, and other innovative methods to increase productivity and profitability in your business space. We can help you achieve a basic certification, or reach the higher levels: let’s go for gold!


Take advantage of the benefits of energy efficiency with the way we design your space: lower your energy costs, cut emissions, improve operating performance, and increase your assets in line with your values. Build a higher quality home, with a better building shell, and energy-efficient upgrades and fixtures. In your commercial space, save money with an energy performance that exceeds conventional standards.


Create your own sustainable building. We have the experience to bring together your ideas into one package, and can advise you on everything. If you’d like solar panels, great appliances, innovative fixtures and heating systems, and the highest quality indoor air and building shell systems—we specialize in creating the perfect system for you. With years of experience in sustainable and beautiful design, we never forget that it all needs to come together in the perfect product. We’ll build it just for you.